The Role of Team Manager

The team manager is responsible for the administration of team activities and communication. The of the role as handling the off-the-field responsibilities. General responsibilities include:

  • Team communication
  • Team roster maintenance
  • Facilitate meetings and volunteer signups
  • Update team website (if applicable)
  • Player cards
  • Tournament registration & check in - plus guest player additions
  • Communication with opposing teams about upcoming games
  • League game rosters and score keeping
  • Attend Crossfire Select Manager meetings and Club meetings

For more on the role of team manager, check out the Crossfire Select Team Manager Handbook.

Regular-Season Rosters

North Puget Sound League Rosters

Crossfire Select is part of the North Puget Sound League. Before every home game in a season, Team Managers will need to fill out a North Puget Sound League roster. You'll need three copies to bring to each game: one for your team, one for the referee, and one for the opposing team. The referees will fill in the final score and return the rosters after the game.

Team Rosters on Bonzi

To view your current roster, use BonziTeam.com. The roster on Bonzi holds all of your players' information like names, birthdates, and jersey numbers to help you fill out the NPSL roster for games.

  1. Go to BonziTeam.com and click Sign In at the top.
  2. Click on your team's name to go to the Dashboard.
  3. Click on Rosters on the left side
  4. Click Print Rosters & Medical Releases at the top.
  5. Select Official Bonzi Safe Roster from the dropdown.
Using a Player Pass in NPSL

Are you short on players for a match in the North Puget Sound League? Use the Player Pass option.

Rules for Adding Guest Players:

You're able to add guest players to your roster during the regular season, but make sure to follow these rules:

  1. Note your team's maximum roster size before adding a guest player. (Note: If your regular goalkeeper is injured, you can use a player pass to add a substitute goalkeeper without increasing your roster total).
Age Level

Max Roster Size with Player Passes

U13+ (11 a side) 14
U11 & U12 (9 a side) 12
U10 (7 a side) 11
  1. Players from higher divisions cannot be added to your team. Player passes give guest players the opportunity to develop with your team. Added players are not intended to strengthen your team by bringing players with a higher skill level.
    • A person playing in the RCL qualifies as a lever higher than Gold & Silver Select teams.
    • A person playing up a year may not player pass back down to their age appropriate year.
  1. To obtain a player pass you must officially notify the league Director of Competition and get approval (NPSL Contact).

  2. Reach out to the opposing team's coach with a courtesy note, letting them know you are using a player pass according to the NPSL Rules Section 1.20
  3. The guest player's name and birthdate should be on the roster for the game. At check in, the player must have a valid USYS player card. Failure to have the player card may result in them not being able to participate.
Registering Guest Players with LWYSA

During the summer, teams may use guest players from outside LWYSA. In order to play for your team, players must register with LWYSA to review and sign the waivers.

  1. Log on to LWYSA.ORG
  2. On the left, yellow button select 'Member Log In'
  3. Enter or create username (your email address) and password
  4. Account Options center left 'Register Now'
  5. Select "Register Now" across 'Crossfire Select Guest Players' under 'Register SELECT PLAYER Event'
  6. Review or enter Parent information
  7. Register a selected player or create a new player
  8. Select Team (not sure if you get an option for this, its ok if you don't)
  9. Enter Participants information (or review existing)
  10. Review waivers, then click 'Continue Registration'
  11. Make payment, then continue to 'Registration Payment Summary'
  12. Enter credit card information and wait for the prompt that indicates you have successfully registered. You may then print a receipt for your records.
Obtain your RMA

All adults serving as Coaches, Managers, or Trainers must complete the Risk Management Assessment (RMA).

Please follow the link in the instructions to obtain or update your RMA.