2018-19 Crossfire Select Coaches



2000 - U19 Button Cantrell Habash Toon
2001 - U18 Greenwalt Perry Granston Wilkinson
2002 - U17 O'Melia Luna Toon Reimbold Miller
2003 - U16 Allen Downing Tacey Cipra Oka
2004 - U15 Pombo Ham MacDonald Lower Bates
2005 - U14 Pratt Zlateff Woodward Jordan Reimbold Batig
2006 - U13 Meade O'Cain Cruz El-Zein Leskinen Olson
2007 - U12 Zlateff Newell Maldonado Rajendran Hanson Erbstoeszer Faires
2008 - U11 McKinney Collins Leskinen Choppa Filippini Choppa
2009 - U10 Park Gentry L. Bates Cortes Pfeiffer Howard J. Bates

Crossfire Select is always looking for volunteer coaches. Open positions are typically for our new or younger teams, but we occasionally have openings for the older age teams as well. We provide excellent coaching education and will reimburse you for many of the national coaching licenses. Learn more about becoming a coach.