Soccer Camps

LWYSA doesn't offer summer camps, but here are two local options, offered by the Crossfire Foundation and Sounders FC.

Crossfire Summer Day Camp

Crossfire Summer Day Camp is for all 6-13 year olds

The Crossfire Day Camp is a Monday-Friday camp. Players will be split into group based upon age, gender and experience level, numbers permitting. Group sizes will vary, however most will have between 8-14 players. Players will be coached by professional Crossfire Premier Team and Jr. coaches.

Available for a Half-day (3 hours) & Full-day (6 hours).

For more information visit their website at

Sounders FC Summer Soccer Camps

Sounders FC offer Summer Soccer Camps across the State of Washington for Boys and Girls ages 4 - 18.

Sounders FC offer the most expansive camp system in the state of Washington, offering a standard day camp in Full Day and Half Day categories as well as Advanced Camps for Goalkeepers and Goalscorers. Sounders FC will also offer their first ever Residential Camp at NW University. For kids who want to experience life as a Sounders FC player, we offer our premier Sounders FC Fantasy Camp experience.

For more information visit their website at