Practice Field Rules at 60 Acres

No practice on Friday, August 10, 17 and 24 due to tournaments.

60 Acres is a drop in facility. No reservations. Coaches need to read and follow the rules listed below. Each team may practice 2 hours per week.

Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri - both North and South are open for practice from 4-7 pm
Wed - North only - no practice on South
You can use the fields after 7 pm if there are no scheduled games or activities

Fields which are closed are posted & have signs

Fields 5, 10, & 13 are assigned to NYSA - LWYSA (Rec, Select or Premier) cannot use these fields

Some fields will be set aside for full field activities, scrimmages & matches. If there is a match or a scrimmage, move to another area for training. Organized scrimmages and matches have priority.

Teams find opens space by the coaches talking at the fields and following a simple set of rules.

  • Players/Teams meet in a general area/gate or group of fields versus a specific field for practice.
  • 4 teams per field
  • Coaches in an area talk to establish space boundaries at the start of practice moving to open space.
  • Stay out of the middle of fields and goal areas - practice on the sides, goals will be set on sidelines not end lines and
    should not be moved - use cones to mark out space
  • Use cones to mark out space if needed.
  • No ladders or tight repetitive drills like ladders.
  • Overall -- cooperate.
Reserve Practice Fields

The recreational program uses an online system to schedule practice fields. To access it go to fields.lwysa.org