Advancement to the RCL Process

Advancement to the RCL Policy 2018 - 2019

If a team wins their NPSL Gold division decisively and would like to consider a move to the RCL, here are the steps:

  1. Win NPSL Division 1 at U13 or older.
  2. Head coach formally requests the BoD consider their teams move to the RCL (Including showing up at a BoD meeting and providing evidence of why they feel they cannot get competition within the NPSL). This RCL move needs to be requested in advance of tryouts, with enough time to allow for the steps below to occur.
  3. If 1st stage of approval granted - call a team meeting (parents and players) and invite the DoC/BoD (at least one board representative must be present to give final approval). The parents and team should be briefed on the following subjects:
  • Differences in cost/ commitment/ league structure/ coach expectations.
  • Team costs will be increased by any incremental cost to Crossfire Select for a team playing in the RCL. This fee is to cover additional league, game and operational costs. For the 2018 - 2019 season the additional cost is $600, payable immediately after tryouts as one amount from the participating team.
  • If a player is not interested in making the move to the RCL they are to contact the DOC or a board member directly to work out the best course of action for that player not wishing to make the jump. (DoC or BoD to help facilitate what is the best team for that player to join).
  • Be aware that the RCL may call for a play in game between NPSL and SSUL (South Sound United League) teams if they are deemed equivalent competition. So winning NPSL does not guarantee advanced promotion, even with board approval.
  • The team that is heading to the RCL participates in the tryouts as a Crossfire Select team. The RCL bound team will have the same"rights" as the other gold level team or teams. (They do not get any special consideration as the RCL bound team).