Redmond TOPSoccer Spring Session

Dear Players and Parents,

The Spring Session is ready to start.

The details:

Location: Woodinville Indoor Soccer

Start Date: Sunday, 27-April
End Date: Sunday, 15-June

No Session held Mother's day (11-May) and the Sunday (25-May) before Memorial Day

(We are working to add one additional session on 22-June and hope to have it confirmed soon)

Time: 3 to 4 pm

Cost of the program: $30

There are two parts for registration.

1. Washington Youth Soccer via Affinity Sports

Please note there is a new registration process this year and it is taking some time to setup. Registration information will be shared on Sunday and by follow-up email.

2. Woodinville Indoor Sports

This is the player waiver for the facility Please complete by Sunday's session.
Waiver is found on Woodinville Indoor's website. Look to the right blue section for Online Waiver. When asked for Team Name use Redmond TOPSoccer.

For your child's safety, one parent/guardian is required to remain for the duration of the session.

We are looking forward to see you this season.
Your Coaches,
Kelly, Kyle, Christy, Don, Lamar and Steven

Redmond TOPSoccer

What to Expect

  1. Warm-up and stretching(approximately 10 minutes) - The entire group will warm-up and stretch together.
  2. Skill development(approximately 15 to 20 minutes) - Players will be divided into two groups- newer players and experienced players. Newer players will focus on skill building such as dribbling and kicking the ball in the goal. Experienced players will focus on refining skills such as kicking with control, trapping the ball, heading, passing to teammates, etc.
  3. Scrimmage or free time(approximately 15 to 20 minutes) - Players will be given the choice of scrimmage or free time. Scrimmage will take place on half the field and free time will take place on the other half. Free time is available for those players who prefer to focus on individual skill development rather than a scrimmage.
  4. Cool down(approximately 5 to 10 minutes) The entire group will cool down and close out with a rousing cheer

How can you help?

  • We can use your help on the field.
  • For newer players, we ask that a parent or sibling (should be familiar with soccer) participate with your player by helping them with soccer skills. Participating with them on the field is great. We have found that many kids do well when the soccer skills are modeled.
  • For the scrimmage, we ask that a parent or sibling (should be familiar with soccer) participate with your player. During the scrimmage you can help your player by providing them direction, encouraging them to pass to a teammate, scoring or taking the ball from the other team.