Practice Field Rules at 60 Acres

We are not reserving fields, days or times at 60 Acres. Coaches need to read and follow the rules listed below. Each team may practice 2 hours per week.

Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri - both North and South are open for practice from 4-7 pm
Wed - North only - no practice on South
You can use the fields after 7 pm if there are no scheduled games or activities

Fields which are closed are posted & have signs

Fields 5, 10, & 13 are assigned to NYSA - LWYSA (Rec, Select or Premier) cannot use these fields

Some fields will be set aside for full field activities, scrimmages & matches. If there is a match or a scrimmage, move to another area for training. Organized matches have priority.

Teams find opens space by the coaches talking atthe fields and following a simple set of rules.

  • Players/Teams meet in a general area/gate or group of fields versus a specific field for practice.
  • 4 teams per field
  • Coaches in an area talk to establish space boundaries at the start of practice moving to open space.
  • Stay out of the middle of fields and goal areas - practice on the sides, goals will be set on sidelines not end lines and
    should not be moved - use cones to mark out space
  • Use cones to mark out space if needed.
  • No ladders or tight repetitive drills like ladders.
  • Overall -- cooperate.
Practice Fields
Facilities Coordinators

Eastlake Club Coordinator

Juanita Club Coordinator

Kirkland Club Coordinator

Redmond Club Coordinator

Union Hill Club Coordinator

Reserve Practice Fields

To schedule practice fields go to fields.lwysa.org