LWYSA Rules of Competition

Special Note on Earrings, Rubber Bracelets

Coaches and parents are reminded that jewelry of any kind is NOT permitted to be worn during soccer matches. Every year, parents and players try to stretch these rules, with tearful results at the field. Players may NOT wear earrings. If earrings cannot be removed, for any reason, the player cannot play. Taping of earrings is NOT an acceptable alternative to removing them.

FIFA also sent out a circular reminding referees that the leather and rubber bracelets people have taken to wearing (such as the rubber yellow "Live Strong" bracelets, and various forms of leather "friendship" bracelets) are a form of adornment and are therefore jewelry and cannot be worn. The need to reinforce this requirement stems from multiple reports of broken fingers resulting from fingers getting entangled in these items during play. PLEASE leave them home so there is no risk of losing them.

U8-U12 Rules

All LWYSA teams play in accord with the Rules of Competition published by the WYS. These rules are basically the same as the FIFA Laws of the Game with some modifications for youth. LWYSA may further modify or clarify these rules. Persons wishing to learn the rules are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Obtain a copy of "The Laws of the Game - Made Easy" from the US Soccer Federation
  2. Read and review Player Development Initiative
U8-U9 Parent Referee Training

Classroom Education: LWYSA offers short classes of 1 to 1 1/2 hours during late August and early September. These sessions are free. During these sessions, we go through the basic Rules of Competition, but more important, attendees have a chance to ask all those "but what about..." or "what should I do if..." questions that inevitably come up.

Questions or Issues about Rules?

We make every reasonable effort to review and edit the materials we prepare, checking for consistency and updating each year to address questions or issues that have come up in prior years. However, we know that we will never be perfect. If you find something that you believe is unclear, incorrect, inconsistent, about any of the documents above, please send a note to refereedirector@lwysa.org.

If you have questions about the Laws of the Game, we encourage you to use our Ask a Ref facility. One (or more) of our referee mentors will usually respond with 24-48 hours.