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The LWYSA Referee Team works within LWYSA to identify and support the various referee needs of LWYSA. We work directly with the referees. We also help our programs craft rules that are consistent with WSYSA guidelines, and makes those rules available through this web site.

Parents, players, and coaches are encouraged to use this electronic resource to begin finding answers to your questions related to soccer referees and the Rules of Competition for soccer in LWYSA. A separate web site, which looks very different than the LWYSA site, is used by our referees to sign up for matches, report scores, find current training opportunities, and obtain interpretations of rules. Many parts of that site are also available to any LWYSA member, where LWYSA members can do things such as submit referee evaluations, find out about rules, ask questions of our senior referees, and even check out the standings. To visit that site, just Click HERE

Parent Support

LWYSA cannot fulfill its mission without support from volunteers. Included is a constant need for volunteers to be referees. While it is true that referees of U10 and older matches do get paid, the amount of pay is not that great for the "occasional" referee who only officiates a few games in the fall. Therefore, parents should really consider most of these people "volunteers", and offer them support, both in terms of thanks, and in terms of each team fulfilling their responsibility to a referee. The referee requirements are described HERE.

Each team should strive to meet the following three "minimum" objectives:

  1. At least one adult should step forward and try being the "Ref in the Pool" between the U10 and U19.. It is especially important to do so at the younger ages of U10-U12.
  2. Each team should make sure they complete one referee evaluation for each game. One evaluation per team does a LOT to help us improve our programs, and it is the appropriate place to make "constructive suggestions" about an official's work.
  3. Each team should actively work to remove negative comments about officials from the sidelines and in their interactions other team members and players. Negative comments only take away the joy of the game, and make it much harder to recruit and retain officials, which makes it harder for the officials to become "good at it" which gives you more to complain about. Let's break that circle.
Referee Information

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Listing of Ref Clinics in Washington