2017 Association Cup Winners

Congratulations to Our Champions & 2nd Place Teams!

GU10 Eastlake Tolo Champions
Eastlake Kickers 2nd Place
GU11 Redmond Mustangs Champions
Kirkland Lightning Bolts 2nd Place
GU12 Eastlake Red Tigers Champions
Union Hill Rock Stars 2nd Place
BU10 Union Hill Grizzlies Champions
Redmond Raptors 2nd Place
BU11 Eastlake Messi Monsters Champions
Eastlake Dragons 2nd Place
BU12 Eastlake Wolves Champions
Union Hill Dragons 2nd Place
Association Cup Rules
Association Cup Information

2017 Association Cup

The Association Cup is a LWYSA Rec soccer tournament for girls and boys in the age brackets U10, U11 and U12.

Qaurterfinal, Semifinal and Final games will be placed in a single elimination format on Tuesday, October 24th, Friday, October 27th and Saturday, November 4th. The first round and second round will feature games played at 4:30pm and 5:30pm. The Finals will be played in a staggered start format for the six games to be played and starting times announced after the twelve Finals participants have been established.

ALL games will be played at 60 Acres as long as the facility is safe and playable. 60 Acres provides the best venue available when considering field availability, parking, space around fields and our use of the Portable Building for various Tournament admin. It also provides a covered Referee area for use by our officials. IF conditions should deteriorate to the point 60 Acres is not safe and playable, our Finals matches will be held at Lakeview Elementary in Kirkland. Lakeview is a Mod sized, turf field without lights. Since there is only one field, it would require we play Finals back to back to back. The fields you play on will be part of a separate communication with your game times.

Please arrive at your assigned fields as early as possible (given weekday commute issues). For Finals matches that should be at least 30 minutes before your start time. We will be taking team photos of each team prior to the match, when the players should still be reasonably clean! ;o) Photos of will also be taken after each match of both the Finalists and Champions. Be prepared for wet and chilly conditions. Make sure your team stays hydrated.

For the Finals we also need a volunteer from each team to work an 'end' of the field and retrieve balls sent out of play. The Tournament will provide 3 games balls with two balls kept next to the goal, however, when a ball is kicked out of play we do not want Goalkeepers to have to track down a ball. Volunteers can be rotated during play and at the Half so that no one misses too much of the game on the Touch Line. The volunteers will work behind the Goal of the opposing team. We do need to make sure play remains relatively uninterrupted.


Our Modified Rules used during the regular Rec Soccer season will apply with the following changes:

  • See October 19th memo with most recent update

Other Notes

Getting to the match early is a good idea as it will allow you time to talk with the Referee and the opposing Coach about any questions you may have BEFORE the first whistle. Make sure there is understanding on how the Build Out Line will be used; determine how Kicks from the Penalty Spot are done, are two examples. You may have other information needs.

Both Coaches will report the final score (in first and second rounds) AND any Cards issued to a player to the Tournament Director at ricka@lwysa.org. We must make sure all three reports match so that no errors are made. Please make these reports on the day of the match.

For the Championships matches, we are adopting a format in which both teams will remain on one side of the field and all spectators will stand on the opposite side. Teams will locate on the North or East Touch Line depending upon field orientation. The Technical area for each team will be from the Half Way line to the top of the Penalty Area. The Technical Area for spectators will be from the top of a Penalty Area to the top of the the other Penalty Area. NO ONE should be lingering in the areas of the Corners OR the Goals. Persons doing so will be asked to move. Also, both teams and spectators must be at least 2 yards from the Touch Line at all times. We will have Assistant Referees working the lines and they need space to do their jobs. Finally, please have all of your subs enter and leave the field at the Half Way Line. This allows the Referee the ability to keep better control of the process.

Please direct any question to the Tournament Director, Rick Anderer. (ricka@lwysa.org)