Coaching Qualifications

Minimum preferred qualifications shall include one or more in each of the following categories:

Coaching License:

U11-15; WSYSA "E" License or above; or equivalent license U16-19; "D" License or above; or equivalent license

Practical Experience:

* Minimum of four (4) years coaching youth or adult soccer, or

* Minimum of one (1) year playing experience at NCAA, Professional or National Team level

Team and Coach Responsibilities

The following information highlights specific LWYSA team responsibilities. The HEAD COACH is the LWYSA team liaison and thereby assumes the responsibility of ensuring that the team meets these obligations.

  • Each team must have an assigned Head Coach. Head coaches of teams in the Select Program will complete, sign and agree to a Coach's agreement that stipulates, among other things, the philosophy of the program.
  • Each team must have a Team Manager.
  • Each team must have a Team Referee who agrees to referee at least 10 EKCSRA games.
  • Each team is responsible for certain administrative functions.
  • Each team must maintain a current Medical Release Form for each player. These forms must be available at all WSYSA or LWYSA practices, games and activities.

Coaches and Assistants agree to…

  • Read and be familiar with the Crossfire Select Program, encourage these ideals through positive reinforcement with players and
  • Manage sideline behavior in accordance with FIFA, USYSA, WSYSA and LWYSA Code of Conduct standards
  • Coach the players in a fair, sportsmanlike and conscientious manner
  • Respect the referees and their authority

Head Coach is responsible to…

  • Notify LWYSA, in writing, of the name of Team Referee who will officiate 10 EKCSRA fall games. Referee must complete an application and submit it to LWYSA. (Failure to provide a Team Referee may increase the chance that your team's home games will not have an assigned referee and/or your team may be charged a fee if no referee is supplied.)
  • Notify LWYSA, in writing, of the names of all Assistant Coaches, Team Contacts, Trainers or anyone who will spend consistent time with the players relative to WSYSA and LWYSA soccer activities. They must complete all required paperwork.
  • Attend all coaches' meetings or ensure that a team representative attends in your
  • Maintain a current LWYSA team roster to include all coaches, team contact, referee and players. Keep this team roster with the team at all times. WSYSA or LWYSA officials are authorized to request roster verification at any

Referee Shortage Impact on Teams

LWYSA is not responsible for any consequences, monetarily or otherwise, which may result from the absence of a referee to officiate a game. With your team's assistance, you can help reduce this shortage by recruiting a referee candidate. Your assistance and support is essential in order to resolve this area of concern. LWYSA provides USSF license referee training. Contact us at 425-821-1741 x 228 or email referee.administrator@lwysa.org for more information.