Email Delivery Solutions

Email Deliverability

To help ensure you are receiving email communications from Crossfire Select and Lake Washington Youth Soccer (like practice closures, club events, and tryout information), please see the following tips.

If the message is going to your spam folder.

  • Most email providers will deliver mail from email addresses from your Contact / People I Know / Safe List.
  • Once you have moved the email from your spam or junk folder into your inbox most email providers will continue to recognize messages from that sender as regular mail.

If you are not receiving communications at all.

  • At some time your account could have been opted out of communications with your organization. Send an email to an administrator and request that they ensure that your email address has not been opted out.
  • Your corporate or education email provider may have strict spam settings. You will want to contact your IT department and request that they allow emails from: communications@Bonzimail.com

Links to Help Documents for Specific Email Providers