2013 Year End Tournament (U10-U12 Teams)


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Recreational Cup Tournament

The Recreational Cup Tournament is the Washington State championship tournament for age groups U11 thru U19. It is not associated with the LWYSA Year End Tournament. This is the highest level of competition for recreational teams and is intended to provide the opportunity for the top teams from around the state to compete against each other. ANY team is allowed to register for the tournament, but it requires a high level of commitment from the team as first round games are scheduled before the end of the regular season and the State Championship games are scheduled for early December. The registration deadline is very early in the fall season, so coaches need to inform their teams of their Presidents Cup aspirations during pre-season planning. When: Mid-October - Prelim Games begin, Nov. District II Finals, Early Dec. State Finals

Eligible Age Groups: U11 - U19

Where: District II fields through District Finals, TBD location for State Finals

Format: Three-Stage Tournament (round robin preliminary games followed by District II semi-final and final games followed by State Finals)

Registration Deadline: Usually mid-September
Cost: Determined by District II (an additional fee may be added by LWYSA to cover preliminary round costs)
More Info on District II Website


Year End Tournament (YET)

The Year End Tournament is the LWYSA championship tournament for age groups U10 thru U12. (Age groups participating in the tournament may change each year so check with the tournament director or office staff for the age groups participating each year). Only LWYSA teams are in the tournament and all divisions in each age group are eligible to participate. The YET is a competitive culminating tournament in which teams that place receive awards.

When: October and November

Eligible Age Groups: U10 - U12

Where: Marymoor Meadows for U10 & U11, Marymoor Turf (and others) for U12

Format: Two-Stage Tournament (round robin preliminary games followed by semi-final and final games)