Registration Overview

Registration for one of the LWYSA Soccer Programs is fast and simple. First decide if you are registering for a season or just a tournament or jamboree. Then select a button below from the appropriate section.


Families with an existing username and password can simply register for additional programs by first logging in to their member account and then selecting Registration. A list of possible programs and their corresponding registration forms will be presented. Select the correct form, answer the questions, provide payment and the process will complete. A new Registration can be completed in just a few minutes!

For brand new users of this system simply click the link to the right, select the soccer program of interest, and in the process of registering your son or daughter, you may be prompted to create a member account. Creating a member account is free and allows you to add additional registrations for other family members and easily re-register for future programs without re-typing all of your family data. In addition, by having a member account you will gain access to your team's web pages which will provide useful information on game schedules, scores, pictures, and other team data.

To register as a coach or player, please click on the online registration button and then select the appropriate form.