Club Boundary Information

LWYSA has several clubs organized by geography based on the Lake Washington School system boundaries. These clubs include:

Eastlake Club - Blackwell Elementary, Carson Elementary, McAuliffe Elementary, Mead Elementary, Smith Elementary, Inglewood Jr. High and the majority of Eastlake High School teams

Juanita - Sandburg Elementary, Thoreau Elementary, Juanita Elementary, Frost Elementary, Keller Elementary, Muir Elementary, Finn Hill Jr. High, Kamiakin Jr. High and Juanita High School

Kirkland Club - Bell Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Kirkland Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Rose Hill Elementary, Twain Elementary, Kirkland Jr. High, the majority of Rose Hill Jr. High teams and Lake Washington High School

Redmond Club - Audubon Elementary, Einstein Elementary, Mann Elementary, Redmond Elementary, Rockwell Elementary, Rush Elementary, Redmond Jr. High, a few Rose Hill Jr. High teams and the majority of Redmond High School teams

Union Hill Club - Alcott Elementary, Dickinson Elementary, Rosa Parks Elementary, Wilder Elementary, Evergreen Jr. High, a few Redmond and Eastlake High School teams

Each club is supported by an elected board of volunteer officers who are responsible for implementing club programs and assisting with association level programs, events and initiatives.

Click here for a map of club boundaries.

Recreational Club Officers
Eastlake Club
Position E-Mail Alias Name
Eastlake Coach Registrar
Eastlake Equipment Coordinator
Eastlake Facilities Coordinator Scott Sanford
Eastlake President Rick Henderson
Eastlake Referee Coordinator
Eastlake Secretary
Eastlake U6 Coordinator
Eastlake Vice President Scott Sanford
Eastlake Photo Coordinator Judith Keyser
Juanita Club
Position E-Mail Alias Name
Juanita Coach Registrar
Juanita Equipment Coordinator Hans Forester
Juanita Facilities Coordinator
Juanita President
Juanita Referee Coordinator Rob Holt
Juanita Secretary Phil Goodwin
Juanita U6 Coordinator
Juanita Vice President Rob Holt
Kirkland Club
Position E-Mail Alias Name
Kirkland Coach Registrar
Kirkland Equipment Coordinator Tim Rayburn
Kirkland Facilities Coordinator
Kirkland President Tim Mortimore
Kirkland Referee Coordinator
Kirkland Secretary
Kirkland U6 Coordinator Tim Mortimore
Kirkland Vice President
Redmond Club
Position E-Mail Alias Name
Redmond Coach Registrar
Redmond Equipment Coordinator
Redmond Facilties Coordinator
Redmond President
Redmond Referee Coordinator
Redmond Secretary
Redmond U6 Coordinator
Redmond Vice President
Union Hill Club
Position E-Mail Alias Name
Union Hill Coach Registrar Jennifer Moraski
Union Hill Equipment Coordinator
Union Hill Facilities Coordinator James Smith
Union Hill President Andrew Johnson
Union Hill Referee Coordinator Steve Buckley
Union Hill Secretary Corine Bergstrom
Union Hill U6 Coordinator
Union Hill Vice President Jennifer Moraski