Crossfire Select Goalkeeper Training

Crossfire Select has outstanding coaches who offer added time out of their schedules to help train goalkeepers within the club. Check back for more information on specific training sessions.

Goalkeeper Training Curriculum

  • Set position, catching frame, basic ball handling
  • Low balls and front smother
  • Distribution
  • Diving - Part 1
  • Diving - Part 2
  • Breakaways and through balls
  • Dealing with crosses
  • Balls over the top
  • Reaction saves, close-range shot stopping
  • Leadership, organization and communication

Tips on Staying Warm for Goalkeepers

  • Wear thin runner's gloves under keeper gloves for extra protection from cold and wetness
  • Tape hand warmers to the back of the hands adding warmth but not interfering with the palm
  • Hang a towel on the net and squeeze periodically to draw water from the gloves
  • Choose a glove designed for cold, wet weather (though these can be expensive)
  • Wear a thin jacket without pockets or zippers over your jersey. A baseball batting practice jersey or wet-weather golf jacket will work
  • When the play isn't near your goal swing your arms, hop up and down, or run in place. And you'll be ready when it is!