2019 Age Chart

Notification of Team Placement
In late June players will be notified of their team assignment.
(Coed U7 will be notified in late August).

Players can only play on 1 team
(includes all Crossfire teams and other associations)


2019 Fall Registration

Registering After May 15th
Specific existing team requests may be made, but players are in the 2nd placement group.
Placement on a team will depend on space availability within their age group.

Specific team requests are not guaranteed.

2019 Registration Fees - includes uniform

U7 - $100.00

U8-U9 - $145.00

U10-U12 - $175.00

U13-U19 - $205.00

Scholarship $50.00

Refunds (U8-U19)

Refunds available by parent/guardian sending an e-mail to general.delivery@lwysa.org

Before June 24 less a $20 administrative fee.
After June 24, but Before August 15th less a $45 administrative fee.
After August 15, but Before September 1st less a $70 administrative fee

After September 1st no refunds.

Returning Players (played fall 2018)

Who wish to return to last year's team check "yes" after the question "Do you want to return to your fall team?" You do not need to enter any additional information. The system will automatically place you on the team. If you click return to last year's team we do not look at any other information on the player's registration form. Must register by May 15.

Who want to change teams may make a specific existing team request. Returning players have priority over new players if registered by May 15th.

All teams formed at the U7 and U8 age groups are new teams.

New Players

May make a specific existing team request, but do not have priority over a returning player who registered by May 15th who makes the same request. Need to register by May 15th.

If you are trying out for a Crossfire Premier, Crossfire Jr. or Crossfire Select team please do not register for the Recreational program if tryouts are before the May 15th deadline.

Coaches can't reserve a spot on their team for a player.

If more players request a team than openings on the team a random draw is held based on the above criteria.

All 2018 teams will not be reformed in 2019.

New teams are only formed at the U7 and U8 age group.

To check that you have successfully registered log into your account, click on past registrations on the left hand side. If you have successfully completed your registration you will see it listed. If it isn't listed the registration wasn't completed so please go through the registration process again.

If you have trouble accessing the registration website from your computer you are welcome to come to the office and use one of our computers or you can use a computer at a library or a friend's home. All registration is online.

Games tentatively start on:
September 13 for Coed U7 teams.
September 14 for most U8-U9 teams.
September 7 or 8 for U10-U19 teams.

Practice for most teams will start in August. The season ends in late October for U8-U9 teams, in early November for U10-U12 teams and mid-November for U13-U19 teams. Coaches determined the practice days, time and location. Games are usually on Saturday for all U8-U13 teams and U14-15 girls teams. The rest of the age groups usually play on Sunday.

Recreational Club Map

Fall Soccer Sponsors

More Information
U8-U12 Age Group

Our U8-U12 teams play other teams within LWYSA. Most games are scheduled on Saturdays with an occasional weeknight game. Practices usually begin in August with games starting the Saturday after Labor Day and ending in late October. The majority of games are played at Marymoor Park or 60 Acres with a few games held at other locations throughout the LWYSA school district area.

U13-U19 Age Group

Our U13 and older teams plays teams from LWYSA, EYSA, NYSA and SNYSA (District 2).Games can be scheduled on either Saturday or Sunday. Historically the GU13 -U15 age groups play on Saturday with the GU16-18 playing on Sunday. The BU13 play on Saturday and the BU14-18 play on Sunday. Games are played September through the 2nd or 3rd week of November.

Fall Game Schedules, Divisions, Disciplinary issues and Recreational Cup are handled by District 2. For more information on District 2 click here.

Kindergarten (Coed U7)

Our U7 Coed program begins in September and is a 6 week program. It is on Friday evenings. For more information click here

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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.