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Parent/Player Club Agreement (also agreed to when you register your player).

Medical Release Form (Word or PDF)

Scholarship Form

Crossfire Select ByLaws

Bylaws 2016 (Latest Approved)

  • Inclusion of the U19 age group per USYS age modifications
  • Removal of two elected BOD positions; Vice President and Secretary
  • Addition that no employee of LWYSA or Select may serve on the BOD
  • Addition of policies to remove Elected BOD members by unanimous vote of the BOD
    • Previously this could only be done by the members.
  • Addition of policies to remove Appointed BOD members by 75% vote of the BOD
  • Addition that the BOD can hire additional employees as needed.
  • Addition of 2 year terms for Appointed BOD members, but unlimited duration
  • Formatting and grammar as needed to clarify existing material

Bylaws 2015

  • Changed Format in footer, signature block, and Appendix A, Added Crossfire Select and LWYSA logos to 1st Page Header
  • Function: Change from U11 to U10
  • Define the responsibilities for, and oversee the work of, all subordinate volunteers, if any, whose roles support any area of key responsibility;

Bylaws 2012

Bylaws 2009